Food and Social


Fort Wayne Wizards Baseball – Minor League Class A Affiliate of the San Diego Padres. Tickets can be very inexpensive, and the games are enjoyable. Stadium is right next to the Coliseum.

Komet Hockey – Just like regular hockey, minus the stars and professionals. Games are played at the Coliseum. Member of the United Hockey League (UHL). Fort Wayne Freedom – Member of the National Indoor Football League; games played in late spring and summer.

Arts & Entertainment

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – Called the “World’s Finest Children’s Zoo,” but since med students tend to be adults, the excitement in seeing an orangutan and hand feeding goats may be long gone. Award-winning rainforest and Australian exhibits. Opens around the end of April, but there are special Halloween and Christmas events.

Botanical Gardens – One of the best gardens in the Midwest. Three beautiful displays, a hands-on exhibit gallery, and a giant talking tree, though hopefully you will have better things to do than spend your evening chatting’ up a piece of wood.

Snickerz Comedy Club – Don’t expect Chris Rock, but headliners have become rather impressive including Jim Gaffigan and Roy Wood, Jr.—you can also expect Dustin Diamond, aka “Screech”—who seems to visit multiple times a year.

Ft. Wayne Memorial Coliseum – Home of the local sports teams, but also manages to get decent concerts. There are always various trade shows going on there, so if you’d enjoy the freedom of living on the road during med school, check out the annual RV show.

Embassy Theater – Smaller venue located downtown; hosts small concerts, plays, etc.

Food & Drink

All of the nationwide chain restaurants can be found in Ft. Wayne. The best places to find such restaurants include Coliseum Blvd. by Glenbrook Mall, Coldwater Rd., Dupont Rd.; the Jefferson Pointe area has some slightly upscale restaurants, such as Eddie Merlot’s and Biaggi’s, along with a great ice cream place right outside the movie theater. Don Halls’ and Casa are two local “families” of restaurants that both serve good, but mostly great food, and are scattered all over town.

Broadripple II – True story: the bar used to be called Broadripple, then it shut down; the new owners couldn’t think of a good name, so they just added the “2” to the end. This is the kind of stuff you’ll have to deal with in Ft. Wayne. Large bar/dance club with horrid drinks, but good specials, $5 cover.

Columbia Street West – Crowded bar downtown that usually has live bands on the weekend. Probably the closest one can get to the typical college-bar atmosphere.

Club Soda – A somewhat more upscale jazz club located downtown. Live jazz almost every night of the week.

Peanuts – This place is just a dive, and is a good place to go to be around people who will make you feel better about yourself. Close to campus in the Marketplace at Cantebury.

Piere’s – Huge bar/entertainment complex located in the Marketplace at Cantebury. Has both live bands and dancing areas within the 5 bars that are all part of this complex, and a cover of $5. Will occasionally have “big” name bands, but enter at your own risk. Sport’s Bars – BW3s is brand new, and fairly nice, located on Dupont Rd. Wrigley Field down near Georgetown Plaza is also a decent bar, and by decent, one should just stick with BW3s.

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