General Schedule & Studying

Students at IUSM-Lafayette work very hard throughout the school year, but we still found time to enjoy Lafayette with our friends and family. Most students found time to take at least one night off each weekend (sometimes more) to relax and recharge. Some students would take a break after class (from 3pm-5pm) in the afternoon and then study through the evening. Some students would study through the afternoon and take some time off in the evening. Some students would get up really early before classes (classes usually start around 8:30am) and study taking time off in the evening. It all depends on your studying style and what works best for you.

For 1st semester, classes start everyday at 8:30am and get out around 3pm (sometimes later depending on ICM or Physio Labs). Students usually have 1 afternoon off a week (often Friday). The exams are spaced out pretty well so that there are several weekends that students could use to go back home without worrying about studying for an upcoming exam.


Gross Anatomy -1st Semester

Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy or Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy are highly recommended by most previous students (Netter’s tends to be more popular). You may want to purchase Grant’s Dissector (see second year students for a recommendation) which is helpful for the lab presentations. Many students found Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy and Moore’s The Developing Human necessary texts for clinical correlations. Instant Anatomy was a popular quick review source especially for cranial nerves later in the course but this is available in the back of the classroom.

Molecular Biology-1st Semester

The majority of students did not recommend purchasing a Molecular Biology textbook. The textbook is a useful resource for explaining diagrams in the notes, but is available in the classroom.

Physiology- 1st Semester & Some of 2nd Semester

Most students recommended not purchasing a textbook because notes are probably all you will need. If you do want a text, Ganong is detailed and a good reference. However, a board review book especially the BRS – Physiology might be the most useful purchase.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine- 1st & 2nd Semester

Although the professors for this class recommend texts, the majority of students never need them. Most research for the material can be done using the “library” in the back of the rooms.

Histology- 1st Semester

You will not need a textbook. The notes you receive for this class are sufficient and detailed. You may want to purchase an atlas, but you usually won’t use it as long as you pay attention in class.

Biochemistry- 2nd Semester

The majority of students did not recommend purchasing a Biochemistry textbook. The textbook is a great resource and follows the class schedule but is available in the classroom. The High-Yield Biochemistry board review book is also helpful for quick review for the final.

Microbiology- 2nd Semester

Most students did not find the textbook overly useful because it is too much to read during class (although it may be useful in the future as a reference). If you need a text, consider getting Clinical Microbiology Ridiculously Simple to supplement the course notes. This review book has lots of diagrams and tables helpful in organizing lots of detailed information.

Neuroanatomy- 2nd Semester

Responses from past students regarding texts for Neuroanatomy were very mixed. There are many books recommended and you will just have to choose what works for you. Try them all out and decide for yourselves. A board review book might be a better choice. All the books are available in the classroom, talk to second year students before making any purchases.

Immunology- 2nd Semester

The recommended textbook can be helpful for describing the diagrams in the notes. However, most students do not feel that it is required to do well in the class, and it is available as a reference in the classroom.


One book that every first year student should purchase is First-Aid for the USMLE Step 1. This book is good to use throughout the first and second year courses to review important material quickly and put concepts together. It also makes it easier when beginning for Board Exam preparation during second year.

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