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'80s party
'80s party
Places to eat

Lunch: Wendy’s is located one block from the center and you will probably be tired of eating here by the end of the first few weeks! Other nearby fast food choices include McDonald’s, Arby’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell. You will typically have an hour for lunch if not two hours so if you feel like heading over to campus check out Scotty’s, Pita Pit, Jimmy Johns, China Express, and Subway. Other popular destinations include Mancino’s, Panera, and Penn Station. And, there’s a Marsh down the street with pretty decent grocery story sushi.

One gem that our class discovered is Cammack Station, a cute little diner located in a tiny town next to Muncie. We make trips out there occasionally for lunch and would be happy to take any of you as well!

Pastries and Candies: Concannons is the essential pastry shop in Muncie! They have amazing donuts, cakes, and other bakery delights. Concannons is located in downtown Muncie across from Muncie Central High School.

Asian: Great buffets include Bright Moon and Red Sun. Szechuan Garden is highly recommended along with Great Wall and our personal favorite, Thai Smile.

Casual Dining: Muncie has your typical array of chain restaurants including Applebees, Chili's, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Damon's, Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, , and Outback Steakhouse. Italian restaurants include Olive Garden and Johnny Carino’s. Our favorite local (non-chain) is White River Landing downtown, as well as Cammack Station.

Mexican: Muncie’s best is Puerta Vallarta on Tillotson or Wheeling! The food is cheap, tasty, the service is quick, and they have great Margaritas. La Bamba’s is another good place to get quick Mexican. Other restaurants include Carlos O’Kelley’s and La Hacienda (S. Madison).

Pizza: Greek’s Pizzeria in the village is a Muncie favorite. There are also several Pizza Kings in Muncie, as well as Pizza Hut, Papa Murphey’s, Mancino’s, Papa John’s, and Domino’s.

Ice cream: Muncie has many great locations to go for ice cream including a new Ritter’s Frozen Custard, Dairy Queen, Incredible Yogurt, Muncie Frozen Custard, and Steak n Shake. If you truly love ice cream you may consider taking a trip to Ivanhoe’s about 30 minutes north of Muncie for some of the best (and unique) creations you have ever tasted.

Late-night Eats: Greek’s Pizzeria sells pizza by the slice in the village until after the bars close. There is also the world famous Hot Dog Man as well as a 24 hour McDonalds a few blocks from the center. IHOP and Steak n’ Shake are classics as well. Upscale: There is a limited selection of upscale dining, however Vera Mae’s (downtown), 909 Grille (near the intersection of Wheeling and Riverside), and Vince’s (by the airport) are all excellent choices if you want a more formal atmosphere.


Theaters: There are 2 movie theaters in Muncie. A brand new movie theater is located near the Muncie Mall and most of the new releases play here. Another theater is located off of Bethel Ave near Wal-Mart. Emens Auditorium on the Ball State campus gives discount and free tickets to various events! Read the BSU Daily News (provided at the center) for upcoming guest speakers, musicals, and concerts.

Clubs/Bars: One of the best things about block scheduling is the amount of free time you have outside of class. There is more than enough time for work AND play.

Medical School can be stressful and time consuming and blah blah but trust us, you will definitely have time to socialize and we suggest that you take full advantage of that time. Scotty’s in the village is a great place to drink a variety of beers while you are watching sports or just hanging out. On Wednesday’s they have fantastic pitcher specials.

Other sports bars include Buffalo Wild Wings located out by the Muncie Mall as well as Beef O’ Bradys on Oakwood that has many plasma screens and cheap, cheap drink specials. If you want to shake it at a college bar, we recommends Dill Street. They have drink specials throughout the week including $1.25 u-call-its on Wednesday nights which some of us have been known to attend. Our favorite local bar is the The Heorot (downtown). They have a huge selection of snobby beer and cheap pizza on Friday afternoons (great for after micro tests).

Other destinations include the Fickle Peach, the Locker Room, The Chug, Motini’s (martini bar in the village), North Side Lounge, and Doc’s. Our class has also been known to throw a ridiculous post-test party or great cookout, and the eighties party will definitely have to have a repeat this year!

Outdoors: If you like to run or cycle you have a couple of excellent choices for outdoor exercise. The Cardinal Greenway runs for many miles from the northwest corner of Muncie to Richmond, Indiana. In addition, the White River path runs adjacent to the White River. This path is only about a half mile from campus. The paved road is marked off at every quarter mile so you know exactly how far you have traveled. Muncie also has several outdoor parks including West Side Park where you can play basketball or grill out.

If you want to know good places to run/bike/swim, just ask Anne, our resident triathelete/marathoner/all-around ridiculous athlete!

Sports/Intramurals: Ball State offers various intramural sports throughout the year, but who needs to pay to play intramurals when you can engage in competition against the second years?? We will play flag football (with tube socks) in a field across the street from the center in the fall. Once it snows we will move on to basketball in the gym and maybe volleyball this year if we are feeling adventurous. We are pretty competitive but just like to get a good game going so we will encourage everyone of all athletic abilities to join us.

Museums, etc: If you find that you simply have too much free time on your hands and are looking for a bit of history or culture, you might find what you are looking for at the following locations: Minnetrista Cultural Center, Children’s Museum of Muncie, Paws (Jim Davis’ Garfield studio), Old Washington Street Festival, Ball Mansions, Farmer’s Market at the Minnetrista Center (seasonal), and the BSU Alumni Center. And there’s a Ball Jar Museum that seems pretty sweet as well.

Other Activities: We’ve been known to go bowling on occasion once the weather turns cold. Liberty Bowl costs $1.50 per game and has cheap drinks while Clancy’s Village Bowl is a bit nicer but more expensive. There are also a couple of places to play putt putt as well as several golf courses that the second year guys (ask Caleb!) would be more than happy to introduce you to.

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