Terre Haute Survival Guide

aerial view
Whether you requested the Indiana University School of Medicine – Terre Haute (IUSM-TH), as your first or last choice, you can be sure that Terre Haute will grow on you.

At IUSM-TH, the smaller classes and one-on-one interaction with professors gives you and your classmates flexibility and personal attention that you would otherwise not get. All of the centers definitely have a bad reputation but by the time first year is over, many students wouldn’t want to switch if they had the chance. This is definitely true of the Terre Haute center.

You will quickly become very close to your class, as you will rely on them on a fairly regular basis. Oftentimes, your fellow classmates will become some of your best friends.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to hang out with some of the members of your class, at some point each student will be a valuable resource to you. Even more important is the fact that the faculty is very accessible. By the end of the first two days, the faculty knew all of our names and I had their home and office phone numbers. They are willing to help at any time, and you will appreciate their flexibility and ease of access.

635 N Barnhill Dr | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 274-1965 | Fax: (317) 274-4309