Food and Social

Places to eat

Lunch on campus: The ISU Commons, or the student union, is next to the monster fountain on campus. It has the bookstore, a convenience store, and a number of fast food restaurants (Burger King, Taco Bell, a sub shop, a bagel shop, etc...).

Lunch off campus: Bella Rossa, Boo’s Crossroads Cafe, Jimmy John’s, Roly-Poly, Saratoga.

Asian: 21 buffet, China 8 buffet, Ichiban Japanese Steak House, First Wok, Happy Dragon, Jade Garden, Panda Garden, Royal Mandarin Express, Sushi Umi.

Café/Casual Dining: Garfield’s, Moggers’ Brewery - 908 Poplar St., Texas Roadhouse (great food, long wait), Lone Star, Outback, BW3’s, Applebee’s, Tumbleweed, Red Lobster, TGI Friday, Ruby Tuesday, Panera Bread.

Coffee: The Coffee Grounds (great cappuccino), Java Haute, Denny’s and IHOP (open 24 hours)

German: Gerhardt’s Bierstube, 1724 Lafayette Ave.: authentic German cuisine and beer; a little expensive, closed Mondays.

Italian: Carosi’s, 1733 Lafayette Ave.; Olive Garden; Pino’s Il Sonnetto, 4200 S. 7th Street.

Mexican: El Camino Real, La Isla, Los Tres Caminos, Real Hacienda. (Los Tres Caminos is an AWESOME Mexican place. A favorite of many of the students. Located on US-41, near Wal-Mart).

Pizza: Maurizio's, Ambrosini's, Ballyhoo's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut. Pubs: Moggers, Sonka's (Wabash and 14th), Ambrosini's, 7th and Elm Upscale: Bradeneli’s, Stables Steakhouse – 939 Poplar St., Pino’s Il Sonnetto, The Apple Club (in the Holiday Inn).


Museums: Swope Art Museum, Holocaust Museum, Terre Haute Symphony (Tilson Auditorium)

Parks: Turkey Run (30 minutes north), McCormick’s Creek (45 minutes south on 46), the numerous Terre Haute city parks have a lot to offer.

Movie Theaters: Showplace 12: Behind Honey Creek Mall, next to Honey Creek West Theater. 12 screens and stadium seating. The cost is about $7. Honey Creek West: Behind the mall on south 3rd street, with eight theaters. The cost is about $7. The Meadows: At Ohio and 25th. Two screens.

Performance theater: The Indiana Theater, corner of Ohio Boulevard and 7th Street: $3 entrance for second-run movies. It is a large, beautiful theater that is definitely worth visiting if you can find a movie that you haven’t seen before.

Places to hang out

Coffee Grounds: Owned by a contemporary guy not long out of school. He had a good feel for what Terre Haute has lacked in terms of a bohemian scene. Cool atmosphere, good music, good latte. Great place to play cards with friends. Located on Wabash between 4th and 5th streets.

The Terminal: At Wabash and 9th Street. Big crowds (especially following ISU home basketball games), great wings. This bar is another favorite of the med students. It’s not quite as crazy as the Ballyhoo. Instead, there are tables throughout the bar. It’s a good place to come have a couple of drinks the weekend after a test.

The Copper Bar: Copper, as it is affectionately known, is pretty similar to the Terminal. It’s a little bit smaller, and located right next to the Terminal on Wabash Ave.

Ballyhoo: Next to campus on 9th street. Big hit with the college students, especially on weekends. Bands on Friday nights. This is “the bar” in Terre Haute for many of the ISU students. There is a dance floor and DJ. The crowd can be a bit questionable at times, but if you go with a group it can definitely be fun.

Sonka: On Wabash and 14th street. An Irish pub with a large selection of beer and wine coolers, but no hard liquor. Great atmosphere.

7th and Elm: This is a BRAND NEW pub located on ISU’s campus. This became the hangout for the first year students when it opened in early 2008. The burgers here are awesome and there is a good selection of drinks from the bar (and a lot of good specials). This place is extremely convenient, because it is well within walking distance from Holmstedt Hall. Downstairs is a restaurant/bar type of area, while upstairs there is a dance floor. Also, there is a huge patio for when the weather gets nice. This has definitely become a quick favorite.

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