Basic Life Support Schedule


Please wear professional dress. Please do not wear jeans, shorts, or flip flops.

You may wear scrubs (hospital policy).

Weather Policy

See the Pulse Page for class cancellation announcements

Students: please call 962-1764 and leave a message to report any last minute cancellations or send an email

Methodist Dates

Room information is available below. Initial classes are denoted with IP.

July 2015
6th (8a,or 12:30p)
7th(8a-Initial Provider)
9th( 8a or 12:30p)
10th (8a)
13th (8a or 12:30p)
14th (8a or12:30p)
15th (12:30p or 6p) - FULL
16th (8a) - FULL
20th (8a) - FULL
21st (8a) - FULL
22nd (8a or 12:30p) - FULL
23rd (8a) - FULL
24th (8a) - FULL
28th (12:30p)
29th (8a or 12:30p)
30th (8a or 12:30p)
31st (8a)
August 2015
3rd (12:30p)
4th (8a or 12:30p)
5th (8a)
6th (8a or12:30p)
8th (9a)
10th, (12:30p)
11th (12:30p)
12th (8a or12:30p)
18th (8a-Initial Provider)
19th (12:30 or 6p)
20th (8a or 12:30p)
21st (8a)
24 (12:30p)
25th (12:30p)
26th (8a or 12:30p)
27th (8a)
28th (8a)
31st (8a or 12:30p)
September 2015
1st (8 or12:30 pm)
2nd (8a or12:30p)
3rd(8a)8th(8a or 12:30p)
9th(12:30 Initial Provider)
10th (8a or 12:30p)
11th (8a)
12th (9a)
15 (8a or 12:30p)
16th (8a or 12:30)
17th (8a or 12:30p)
23rd (8a or 12:30p)
24th (8a or 12:30p)
28th (12:30p)
29th( 8a or 12:30p)


The class is held in Wile Hall, room 532 fifth floor Methodist Campus. (1812 N. Capitol Ave)

The class is 3-3.5 hours long. There is no pre-test or book needed.

The date must be confirmed prior to attending.

The class starts promptly at the time listed so please give yourself time to park and find the room. Once the video starts, we will not allow anyone into the room per the American Heart Association guidelines.

635 N Barnhill | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 274-1965 | Fax: (317) 274-4309