IUSM Trainee Fit Test Program

July-August, 2015


The purpose of the IUSM Trainee Fit Test program is to perform annual fit-testing on all IUSM medical students, residents and fellows (hereafter all referred to as “trainees”). The fit-testing will serve to put IUSM in compliance with the Memorandum of Agreements between IUSM and affiliated hospitals. Trainees who are engaged strictly in laboratory research for the 2015-16 academic year are excused from the fit-testing requirement. IUPUI Campus Health is in charge of managing the fit test program for IUSM trainees.


Fit-testing is a procedure to determine what respirator model and size is appropriate for a given individual to provide protection from tuberculosis (TB). Fit-testing typically takes about 15 minutes to accomplish. Typically, two individuals can be fit-tested at the same time by the fit-tester.

Medical Approval

In addition to the actual fit-test procedure, the process includes a medical evaluation to determine whether an individual is medically able to wear a respirator. This evaluation is performed through the use of a questionnaire. Trainees are to print out the TB/N95 Respirator Questionnaire, found near the bottom of the Campus Health Forms website CampusHealthForms prior to their fit-test (if this link does not work, please type the following URL into your browser: Trainees are to complete the Questionnaire and bring it with them to their fit-test.

Times and Locations

IUSM has set aside specific times for fit-testing in July and August, though trainees are welcome to schedule fit-testing at other times. The specific fit test period runs from 7/6/15 through 8/27/15. Trainees fit-tested after 5/1/15 will be considered compliant until 6/30/16.

Fit-testing will occur at IUPUI Campus Health (Coleman Hall, Suite 100), Eskenazi, Methodist or Roudebush VA. The schedule from July 6 through August 27 will be as follows:

Monday to Wednesday8am to 10:30amColeman Hall
Thursday9am to 10:30amColeman Hall
Monday to Thursday1pm to 3:30pmEskenazi, Methodist or VA

Please refer to the downloadable PDF file for dates when fit-testing will be performed at the specific hospitals.


Fit tests are to be scheduled online.

To schedule a fit-test, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click on FitTestScheduler (if this does not work, please type the following URL into your browser: )
  2. Log in with your IU Network ID and passphrase
  3. Follow the instructions on scheduling the appointment
  4. Be sure to note the exact time and location of your appointment

If you are unable to schedule a fit-test online, you may call IUPUI Campus Health (274-8214) to schedule a fit-test.

IUPUI Campus Health will track trainees undergoing a fit-testing and provide the GME and the Medical Student Affairs Offices with periodic compliance lists.


Stephen Wintermeyer, MD, MPH
Director, IUPUI Campus Services
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care, Occupational and Sleep Medicine
IU School of Medicine

Elaine Delbecq, RN, MSN-MPA
Clinical Nurse Manager, IUPUI Campus Health

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