Exit Interview for Fourth Year Medical Students

As a U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Loan requirement, the MSA-Student Financial Services (MSA-SFS).  This is in conjunction with the IUPUI Office of Student Financial Aid Services. We are required to conduct an Exit Interview Session for those medical students who have received Federal loans.

In order to fulfill this Federal government requirement, MSA-SFS will be conducting a REQUIRED Exit Interview Session on the morning of March 15th (Match Day) for everyone who borrowed through a Federal Loan Program.

This includes the following Title IV and Title VII student loan programs: 

Additionally, the Indiana University Student Loan Administration conducts an exit interview online for the following loan programs:

and school-based or institutional loans

Lastly, information will be provided for those students who have privately-based student loans. 

After the Exit Interview Session and before you graduate, you will be required to complete several steps to have our office clear you for graduation. Remember, failure to complete these steps will put a hold on your diploma. 

To access your Direct Loan (DL) Federal Stafford Loans as well as your DL Federal Graduate PLUS Loans, you can go to  You can also get the same information through your loan servicer's web portal(s).  For example, for Direct Loans, it may be

To access your Federal Loan History (Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan or Federal Graduate PLUS Loans only), you can go to This history does not include the LDS, PCL or any of the institutional loans listed above.

To access student loans held at Indiana University, you can go to  This includes any LDS, PCL or institutional loans listed above.




This is a good tool for determining the net pay after taxes.  


This is a great presentation on how IBR (and PAYE) as well as PSLF work together to achieve forgiveness.


A great tool for finding out the status of a hospital with regard to their Not-for-Profit or For-Profit status and teaching affiliation.

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