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This Housing/Roommate site is maintained by Jose Espada at If you would like to post any housing related ads, please contact Jose Espada with the information you wish to have posted on this website. Typically, the best way to post is to send an e-mail with the information you want to post that will be similar to what you find on the site. This way it can be a simple cut and paste process. Please do not send flyers or highly formatted pieces as they will not cut and paste properly.

As a starting point, if you need information about the available housing on the Indianapolis, campus, please go to On-Campus Housing.  Links provided on the housing website.

Additionally, the IU School of Dentistry in Indianapolis puts together a wonderful resource for their Dental students that is useful for our medical students as well.  We have been given access to it,

For information about housing opportunities from the medical students perspective, please look at the Survival Guide,