Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP)


To get started, follow these steps:

1.  Overview of Soap from NRMP at

2.  Determine where you will work.  You MUST have the following:

  • computer with high-speed internet connection
  • the phone that is listed in ERAS

The phone should be operational 24 hours a day.  Program directors may try to contact you at all times of the day and night over the course of the week.  Limited work space will be available in the Medical Student Affairs offices and Medical Sciences. 

3.  Faculty in each department (Excel) will be available to advise you during the process.  

4.  Make sure that your »ERAS application is up-to-date.  You are allowed to change your profile, personal statement, and letters of recommendation prior to sending your application to unfilled programs.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!

5.  Apply to the open programs in ERAS.

You will only be able to apply to unfilled programs.  IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU APPLY TO MOST OF THE ALLOTTED 35 PROGRAMS EARLY IN THIS PROCESS!  Apply to as many as you can.  Do not wait because programs cannot contact you until you submit your application to them.

YOU SHOULD NOT DELAY IN SUBMITTING THE MAJORITY OF YOUR APPLICATIONS.  Use the 2 hours between being notified about being unmatched and the reopening of ERAS wisely.  Strongly consider other programs outside of the specialty you initially chose.  Seek advice from your advisor and/or the above listed departmental faculty.

For further SOAP details check out this overview from Dr. Michael McKenna. If you are having difficulty seeing that page, make sure to use a browser other than Internet Explorer

6.  Prepare for phone interview with residency program directors. 

Review Tips for Phone Interviews (use the link on the right side of this page).

7.  Prepare to be aksed by a program director for an interview via Skype.

Review Setting Up Skype & Tips for Video Interviews(use the link on the right side of this page)







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