Academic Advising

Academic Advising Program

The academic advising program at IU School of Medicine aims to provide academic support, career development, and provides access to personal wellness resources. The program includes center-based Lead Advisors and Volunteer Advisors who support the students academic progress. Also a part of the program, is the Learning Specialist, who helps the students to find resources and get the most out of their study habits. 

The students will meet with Lead Advisors 2-3 times per year, and have 3 set appointments with Volunteer advisors. The Learning specialist is available to students as needed.

During the first year, the program focuses on adjusting to medical school, increasing self-efficacy, exploring career options, finding the correct study skills for them, social engagement, and establishing wellness practice.

In the second year the advisors encourage academic accountability, career development, research, leadership development, and of course the advisors want to help the student keep on track with preparation for the board exams.

Third and fourth year advising is focused on career exploration. Advisors and career mentors focus on professionalism, independent thinking, collaborative learning, civic engagement, academic and career integration, and maintining a wellness-based lifestyle.

The Tutoring Program provides tutors for students with academic challenges.

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