Class Attendance

During medical school, certain lessons are experiential and require attendance. Each faculty member has responsibility and authority for matters pertaining to the attendance and classroom/clinic conduct of students. During the clinical years, time off is given at the discretion of the course director and may or may not be granted. Time off from course work in a fourth-year elective for any reason (except national examinations and commencement day) may not exceed three days. Duty hours for medical students while on clinical rotations will conform to the same restrictions mandated by the ACGME for residents and fellows. Medical students cannot be assigned clinical duty of more than 80 hours per week.

Students at Indianapolis should notify the Dean's Office for Medical Student Affairs, (317) 274-1965, of illness, deaths in the immediate family, or other unusual circumstances that may necessitate extended absence from regularly scheduled classes, laboratory work, or clinical duty. Students at other sites should notify their respective Assistant Deans in the event they are unable to attend classes.

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