Evaluation of Curriculum by Students

lunch in Riley courtyard
Riley Courtyard at Lunchtime

Office of Undergraduate Medical Education provides mechanisms for student evaluation of medical school courses and instructors. Because of the decentralized and diverse nature of the elective portion of the curriculum, student evaluations of all electives are required.

All IUSM students are required to complete demographic surveys and program, course, faculty, and personal performance evaluations at the discretion of IUSM. The data from these surveys and evaluations may be used for research purposes in their aggregate form only. Examples of these data include such things as: location/time of course/program/rotation; supervising faculty and his/her effectiveness; whether objectives were clearly stated; whether there was adequate and effective feedback;

identification of the most important sources of learning; understanding competency relevance; and standard demographic data: gender, age, place of birth, proposed area of practice/specialty.

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