Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements

Medical students not participating in a combined degree program must complete graduation requirements within six years of matriculation.

The MD degree will be conferred by Indiana University upon persons who have complied with the following requirements as determined by the faculty:

  1. Filed satisfactory evidence of having complied with the requirements for admission.
  2. Attended eight regular semesters (or equivalent) of medical instruction in four separate years, the last two years (or equivalent) of which must have been spent in the Indiana University School of Medicine.
  3. Attended the practical instruction in all departments and satisfactorily completed all competency requirements, course work and examinations. Students must achieve all nine competencies at Levels 1 and 2 and three different competencies at Level 3.
  4. Achieved passing scores on the National Board of Medical Examiners USMLE Steps 1 and 2 (CK and CS).
  5. Successfully completed the Objectively Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE).
  6. Maintained acceptable academic ethics and professional behavior.
  7. Paid all fees in full.
  8. Completed evaluations of all elective courses completed during fourth year.
  9. Returned all materials/school property provided to student.
  10. Attended the required Exit Interview for medical student borrowers.

In order to participate in Commencement activities in May, all graduation requirements must be expected to be completed no later than August 31 of that year. Combined degree students will be included in the IUPUI and IUSM Commencement Programs, class composite, and yearbook in the same year in which they expect to complete all requirements for the MD degree.


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