Elective Enrollments

The elective enrollment counts can be found here.  This list encompasses all regional campuses as well as the Indianapolis campus.  This file will be updated peroidcally, as new information becomes available. 

Enrollment counts are organized in the following ways:

Alphabetical by the letters in the course numbers (e.g. urology courses which have UR in the course number will be found near the end of the list). Consult the Elective Departmental Code System for a listing of these codes.

Numerically by county (e.g. courses that are in Fort Wayne all start with 02 and are listed first under each category, while courses in Louisville, KY which begin with 99 are listed last). Consult the Elective Numbering System for a listing of these numbers.

Current Elective Enrollments

Last Updated: 01/13/2015

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