As of June 2012, we have migrated from Listserv to IU List. The new platform is similar in many ways to Listserv, but there are differences in structure and functionality. To adapt to the new environment, sending privileges will be granted to groups email accounts rather than individual email accounts.

Faculty and staff will need to provision group email accounts for organizational units and notify of the group account name.

An easy way to send from your group account is to login to with the group name. This is the Outlook Web Access page. It looks somewhat different from the Outlook desktop client, but it works.

Our student email lists fall into two categories: 

  • Lists used by faculty and staff for academic/administrative messages (the MD- series)
  • Lists used by student organizations for communication by student leaders (the MD-Orgs- series)

We are no longer using "targets" or "topics" to segment our audiences. To reach the right group of students, select the appropriate list from the table of class lists.

For more about the student organizations lists, see IU List FAQ for Student Orgs.

For more about the academic/administrative lists, see IU List FAQ for Faculty & Staff.

Visit the web interface page for instructions on accessing IU List online.

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