IU List Faculty & Staff FAQ

— Faculty & Staff Email to Students —

What is the email address for IU List at IUPUI?

To email a list, send to

How can I target my email to the proper audience?

To reach the appropriate audience, you need to email the correct list.  Consider whether your message is relevant to students of a particular class-year and/or campus location, and then match the audience to the lists found on the
Table of Lists.

How can I tell whether my message was delivered?

IU List will respond with an error message if there is a problem.

How can I access IU List online?

You may want to use the online interface to sponsor a list or modify your own subscriptions.  Follow the instructions to access the web interface.

Keep in mind that the class lists are maintained by Medical Student Affairs.  If you have questions or requests, contact

How can I gain sending access to the IUSM class lists?

Faculty and staff will need to provision group email accounts for organizational units and notify of the group account name.

How can I email an even more specific audience, such as second year students at the Terre Haute campus?

See the chart of class-year/campus cohort lists — first grouping (MS- series). Most email is intended for a larger audience and should be directed to a list or lists in the MD- series. If you need to email one of the 36 MS lists, contact

How can I send from my group account?

An easy way to send from your group account is to login to with the group name. This is the Outlook Web Access page. It looks somewhat different from the Outlook desktop client, but it works.

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