Guidelines for IU List Usage

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Additional ways to publicize your events

Student leaders sending to MD2B-ORGS-L must follow these guidelines.

If you are a student requesting posting help from a class officer or other student leader, please review and apply these guidelines.

Messages promoting partisan political or religious events or views are not allowed.

Do not send campaign messages for student council or class offices.

Do not advertise services or products on behalf of for-profit organizations. (The Medical Student Council executive board may choose to pass along third party announcements after careful deliberation.)

Messages must be targeted to the narrowest appropriate group. For targeting instructions, see IU List FAQ — targeting. It is seldom advisable to email the entire student body.

Do not notify students at regional campuses of weekday lunch events that they are highly unlikely to attend.

Typically, only one email per event should be sent to MD2B-ORGS-L.  For additional events advertising, please take advantage of other avenues of communication such as class announcements in centers - via Regional Campus Liaisons and Center Representatives - and Indianapolis, MedTV, IUSM's Scope, IUPUI's JagNews, MSC's Iatrogenesis and school and community flyers.

If MD2B-ORGS-L is used, the event must be added the the IUSM Student Organizations Calendar (for information on the IUSM Student Organization Calendar please visit the Orgs Calendar FAQ page

If the email includes center students, Polycom must be available at the event. (For information on targeting emails, please visit the MSA Class Lists target table.)

If asked to email the student body with items for sale or roommate or housing offers, direct the student to the Medical Student Affairs summary of online classified advertising tools.

Other information about IU List at IUSM is available at the MSA IU List FAQ page.

For questions regarding interpretation of these guidelines or the mechanics of targeting messages, email or call 317-274-7163.

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