List of SIG Lists

This is a partial list of student interest groups that have email lists. For a more complete listing of IUSM Student Organizations, see the Medical Student Council website.

Note: Email addresses for mailing lists are

List Name Audience/Content
Office of Service Learning (OMSL)
ASAP-L Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention
CGEA-SLSIG-L Community Involvement
IU-SOC-L Student Outreach Clinic
OMSL-Orchestra-l Orchestra
Official (Student Council approved) SIGS
BOMSIG-L Business of Medicine
CADSIG-L Disabilities
DRS-HUMAN-RIGHTS-L Doctors for Human Rights
EMSIG-L Emergency Medicine
ENTSIG-L Ear, Nose, and Throat
  Global Health
IMSIG-L Internal Medicine
IUPHR-L Physicians for Human Rights
LITMED-L Literature and Medicine
MSMILITARYMD-L Military Medicine
OBGYNSIG-L Obstetrics and Gynocology
PATHOSIG-L Pathology
PATHOSIG-L Pathology
PEDSIG-L Pediatrics
RSIG-L Radiology
SOL-L Society of Latinos
SSIG-L Surgery
Chapters of National Medical Organizations
IUCMA-L Christian Medical Association
MSforChoice-L Medical Students for Choice
SNMA-L Student National Medical Association
UAEM-L Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
Specialty Lists — Self-subscription, no target
MS-SF St. Francis Opportunities
MS-SV St. Vincent Opportunities

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