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Don't take it for granted. Maintaining your balance requires determination and practice.

These newsletters, often emailed around exam times by Suzanne Kunkle, Director of Counseling Services, are full of encouraging words and coping techniques that may be useful on just about any day.

»August 20, 2011
Topics: Stress-less Success

»October 7, 2010
Topics: Live frogs and time management

»April 7, 2010
Topics: We survived a long dark cold winter! Celebrate — and care for your stress and needs

»November 6, 2009
Topics: Deer in the Headlights: Stress and How to Counter it with Self-Care

»February 15, 2009
Topics: Chart of symptoms and treatment of S.A.D., Depression, Fatigue, Stress—Over-engagement, and Burnout—Disengagement

»December 11, 2008
Topics: Research article and comments: "Future Doctors Share Too Much on Facebook."

»December 5, 2008
Topics: Quick relaxation links; Do you feel sad, stressed, depressed, burned out or have S.A.D.-what's the difference?; holiday stress tip

»November 3, 2008
Topics: Daily wellness moments, stress management, New York Times article

»October 30, 2008
Topics: Refueling your motivation

»October 23, 2008
Topics: Article: “Everything is public” in today’s world

»October 22, 2008
Topics: Physician nutrition -- Link to Article: Fattiest Foods in America

»October 2, 2008
Topics: Relaxation links

Posted October 2, 2008: Reign in unhealthy thinking habits that exacerbate anxiety and stress —
»10 Forms of Twisted Thinking
» Identifying Thoughts and Beliefs that May Be Increasing Your Anxiety

»September 12, 2008
Topics: Keys to authentic happiness

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